Customer Testimonials

Matt, with Eastside Insurance Services has been very accommodating with our insurance needs. He is always quick to respond and very friendly. They continuously search for our best options and best price. We would highly recommend that people, at the least, give them a call and see if they could assist with your needs.

Chris H., customer since 2014

We have been using Eastside Insurance Services for the past 4 years now. When we visited them, Matt and his staff were friendly and it was an easy application process. When we moved to a different City two years ago, our coverage went up due to the area that we moved. But Matt did some research for us without us asking him, and he gave us a lower rate with the similar coverage.

Customer since 2014

We had to add 2 teenagers to our car insurance so it prompted us to look at a variety of insurance companies for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. We liked that Eastside Insurance have several companies to choose from. Tom is very knowledgeable about insurance and helped us not only with our auto insurance but with a comprehensive package that addressed coverage of our overall assets. We haven’t had any issues come up outside of signing up for our new insurance so we can’t speak to follow up service. So far, we are happy to be with Eastside Insurance.

Customer since 2017

Tom is super responsive and makes it very apparent that he has our best interests at heart. Really appreciate his help in understanding the insurance policy we purchased.

Customer since 2019

Responsive, helpful, and patient! Thanks for everything!

Customer since 2018

We have been customers of Eastside Insurance Services since 1978 for good reasons! They’ve always helped us over the years with excellent, affordable auto, homeowner, and earthquake insurance. When we need their advise, they are happy to recommend our best options. They also do research to make sure we have the best answers. They are the best!

Customer since 1980

IMMEDIATE attention to the customers, Excellent customer services

Francisco D., customer since 2017

We would not take our Insurance needs anywhere else.Eastside Insurance is truly the best.

Denis C., customer since 1979

Good quality customer service over the last 40 years!

Ronnie H., customer since 1986

Matt is always there to help. When my car was in limbo ready to be fixed , Matt made a phone call and the car was in line to be fixed. When our condo changed its liability limits, Matt was right on it. Thank you Matt for your service.

Customer since 2015

I really like having Tom there to talk to me about my policies. He listens well and is very patient when I don’t understand something. I trust his judgement and expertise and wouldn’t use anyone else!

Customer since 2000

Personal and friendly service from Tom Brody. Tom responds quickly to my insurance needs. Tom is a good person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Paul T., customer since 2004

Matt is always available to answer questions and give us advice

Customer since 2016

We appreciate that when we call with questions we can speak with someone who can answer them or get a call back quickly. This is much preferable to waiting forever on hold to talk with someone who doesn’t have the information or expertise to make decisions.

Customer since 1987

Chuck and Matt are always super helpful, no matter how off the wall the question is. Very friendly and personable.

John E., customer since 1988

Very friendly, quick responses and detailed, comprehensive answers to any & all questions.

Customer since 2018

You guys are always there for us…literally anytime I call. Can’t remember ever even needing to leave a voicemail. We feel very supported and taken care of by Eastside. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Alexander C., customer since 2009

Eastside Insurance has always looked after my insurance financial burden like it was their own. If ever I was overpaying to where it made sense to change providers, they always took care of me. Not to mention, customer service is always superb – I never feel like I’m bothering them when I call 🙂

Customer since 2015

You always try to find me the best price for the coverage I need. And you are always friendly and courteous.

Alice H., customer since 2004

Working with Matt made it so much easier for me to get insurance. Especially when I was moving to a new state, and was involved in a car accident right before my previous car insurance expired.

Anthony B., customer since 2018

I’ve been impressed with my communication with Matt Rubin from day one. He takes customer service seriously. Matt is responsive, listens to my concerns and meets my needs. I referred my boyfriend to him and he is equally impressed.

Joy W., customer since 2017

The service at Eastside Insurance is very professional, the agents are always so helpful and friendly (Matt Rubin is always on top of all our requests and insurance changes). I have the highest regards toward this company. We are very happy with the services they provide and how they always try to get the best rates for our insurance policy.

Customer since 2016

I like having a person that knows me and my needs. Also you are always ready to answer any questions I have which is GREAT!

Patricia L., customer since 2009

Very helpful and friendly. They are extremely responsive and we have been very pleased. We would recommend Eastside Insurance Services to anyone.

Chris H., customer since 2014

We have enjoyed over a 25 year relationship with Chuck Rubin and his staff. We are happy to recommend this agency and their services!

Customer since 1989

Helped find the best rate possible for our insurance needs.

Barbara S., customer since 2018

Matt was pleasant to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, prompt with responses, and courteous.

Samuel Q., customer since 2018

I have been with east side, Chuck, for several years and he has always been very responsive to my needs. He is also willing to work to find the best policies that fits us best.

Wayne F., customer since 1991

You listen to me and are respectful of my needs. You keep it simple. It is one area of my life I feel secure about and don’t have to think about… you do that for me! Thanks for being there.

Elaine K., customer since 2000

The Eastside team is great! Chuck and his son have been very professional every time I’ve had to contact them with a claim or a question. Wonderful service for over 25 years now. What they have done for me exceeds my expectations for service and help. Thanks guys! Mark K.

Customer since 2000

I was referred to the Eastside Insurance Services from a colleague at work. I had a great experience working with Tom to procure the right home and auto insurance that suits my needs. Tom was very helpful throughout the entire process! He patiently walks me through all available options and gave me the best coverage and rates that suits my profile. In addition, Tom is always available to address all my questions and concerns. Overall, a very satisfying experience. Highly recommended.

Customer since 2017

Our broker, Tom Brody, is always responsive and proactive in helping me through a range of insurance issues.

Charles S., customer since 1986

Tom made is very easy and simple for us to get great insurance coverage for a good price, once we moved to the US form Denmark. I highly recommend working with Tom.

Mikkel H., customer since 2015

Tom provides 5-star customer service and is extremely responsive to his client’s needs. No matter how small the issue, Tom is on it without hesitation. I have trusted Tom to handle my vehicle, homeowner’s, boat, motorcycle, and umbrella policy needs for more years than I can remember.

Customer since 1984

Chuck, you are incredible! You were there when we needed you. We appreciate your courtesy and ability of the PEMCO team and agents to work together to move things along without any hassle ( ie. replacing the roof after the big wind storm; kitchen cleanup and stove replacement after the fire; vehicle repairs after the run-in with the deer on Blewett Pass.) But you’ve been there for the family times, too (ie. kids growing up and driving; Dan retiring and our move to a smaller home.) We’ve always felt secure knowing that you and PEMCO were there. Thanks for everything you do. -Dan and Anna Enslow

Dan E., customer since 1992

Very responsive, friendly and reliable.

Rick L., customer since 1980

We have been with the Eastside Insurance Services since 2005 and every time we have questions about our policy there were always have knowledgeable answers so we would totally recommend this company.

Customer since 2007

Tom Brody is great at his job and widely available.

Chris L., customer since 2017

Eastside Insurance, and Chuck specifically has been there each time I have had a need. When I needed to review coverage, he was helpful and explained everything clearly. The one time I had an issue arise, he took care of it immediately. Chuck has provided excellent service to a person that has high expectations for customer service.

Customer since 1990

Very caring staff and the ability to answer all of my questions. I like that you go the extra mile to get us cover, without being pushy. Thank you for looking out for us!

Customer since 2009

Chuck Rubin is the most efficient and personable insurance man in town. Chuck has always answered the phone himself with in 4 rings! He delivers exactly what is needed, Courteously,timely, and for a great price.I have been doing business with chuck for over 20 years.Trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with, I have, and continue to recommend him.

Lorane M., customer since 2012

I’ve been with you for over twenty years and we have a great partnership. We may not talk real often, but when we do, it’s just like yesterday. I appreciate all your efforts to give me the best price for the most insurance coverage. Thank you.

Timothy J., customer since 2004

Always responsive and effective, a pleasure doing business with Matt Rubin.

Edward W., customer since 1979

chuck, you always did right for everything we requested you to do. You never failed us. Zeny and I are lucky to associate with your company. Thanks so much for everything you have done for us. Take care, Sev & Zeny Sancho,

Severino S., customer since 1985

You are always available to answer questions and propose alternate solutions that save valuable money and protects my vehicles!

Michael H., customer since 2015

I have been so pleased that when we have any questions regarding our policy we always receive a quick response. Tom will talk us through all of our coverage options to help us make sure we have the right coverage and the best price. Thank you!

Customer since 2003

Tom provides excellent services when I need. I call for a question or service; he delivers. Plus the fact that Tom is a “good guy.” Love to work with him. Paul H. Tomita

Paul T., customer since 2004

Chuck and his son Matt, are friendly, professional and accessible. They answer the phone every time, and they respond to email quickly. They are always more than willing to help and will explain things to me until I understand, without any hint of impatience. I feel I have developed a sense of trust with them and that is important to me. I am not an insurance expert, so having people who do not treat me like my asking, A LOT of questions is annoying, is refreshing and appreciated. Highly recommend them! Ps… their phone demeanor is great – they behave as though they remember me every time and we’ve never met in person. This is a lost art amongst customer service folks.

Greg K., customer since 2017

Everything is perfect with Tom’s thoughtful and professional approach to personal insurance.

Customer since 2002

You’re there for us when we need you.

Customer since 1985

Tom Brody is the best. I called him on a Saturday when the offices are closed and left him a voice massage. Within 15 minutes he called me back to respond to my questions as he thought it was important for me know the answers. I really appreciate that.

Anusha V., customer since 2009

Service on claims, competitive pricing, help on keeping us current.

John D., customer since 1990

Insurance can be confusing and I don’t always feel comfortable making coverage decisions, especially after we bought a house. I feel like I’ve received good, honest advice from Eastside Insurance and I trust their expertise.

Customer since 2009

I have enjoyed my relationship with Eastside Insurance Services largely because of friendly and excellent service provided by Matthew Rubin. Matt’s personalized service helped me to select what I needed for both the best coverage and the best insurance companies for my home and vehicle. When my windshield was broken by a gravel truck and I didn’t know which way to proceed Matt helped me regardless of the fact that my deductible was higher than the cost of the repair! Nothing is as good as an excellent local insurance agent for the most and best service! Thanks again, Matt!

Barbara B., customer since 2015

It’s very nice to have a local insurance that I trust, and answer any of my questions on the spot and honestly. Also when you call them a living person answers the phone, that is so refreshing in this day and age.

Customer since 2016

Exceptional customer service

Darrell M., customer since 2001

We really like that you work with several insurance companies to get us the best rates out there, rather than just one company. When we first purchased our home, it felt like everyone we spoke with worked specifically for one insurance company and we were limited to what that company offered. Tom has been able to see what all of the companies can do for us, and determine which will be the best fit for our family.

Kurtis B., customer since 2015

Good service. Relatively fair premium pricing.

Customer since 2017

Chuck, you and Matt have always provided us with great service. You have been a trusted business and one we can count on. Thank you!

Customer since 2008

Helped us find the best deal and answer specific questions about our insurance. Also, help us figure out ways to lower our coverage costs.

Holly W., customer since 2016

Always keeping me informed and updated to my best advantage! Tom, you are a natural. ..people business is what it is all about!!

Paul K., customer since 2012

Matt’s responses to my inquiries are always very quick and thorough. In addition, he proactively reaches out to me from time to time to advise me of suggested revisions to our products, including opportunities to save money. Thank you, Matt!

William K., customer since 2011

Someone is always there when I call, which has only been a few times, but I feel Matt knows his insurance info.

Donald H., customer since 2015

Tom is very responsive, and helpful.

Signe C., customer since 2017

You did not lead me astray and whenever I have questions you are available to answer them.

Customer since 2003

When we call a real person answers the phone. I can’t tell Chuck or Matt apart on the phone but consistently both are very knowledgeable and accommodating. I feel like this multigenerational business has our best interests at heart but it’s only been 30 years that we’ve worked with them…,

Herbert B., customer since 1987

Tom helps us customize the insurance plan that fit our needs

Wei Y., customer since 2015

Great communication, knows the family well and always does what is right for us.

Michael S., customer since 2009

Always responsive to the customers needs. Highly recommend this office and staff, especially Tom Brody.

Customer since 2010

Chuck is always prompt when we have questions, and offers us choices and guidance when we need new products. Easy choice.

William S., customer since 1999

Love your communication skills. Your ability to research and then answer questions is an asset.

Customer since 1992

Eastside Insurance is always great to work with and really cares about their customers. I have been with Eastside for well over ten years and will continue to do so.

Glen H., customer since 2006

The few times I have had to call over the years, you were always there to answer my questions.

Daniel R., customer since 1980

They helped find better motorcycle insurance and recommended other companies to help with my commercial needs.

Customer since 1998

Continually update coverages and services as life and needs change.

Frank K., customer since 1975

We like that you are local and your team is very responsive and service is great.

Randy L., customer since 1996

I have always received excellent service during the rare times I needed to speak to someone.

Jordan W., customer since 1991

Always returned calls promptly

Customer since 2004

Great Service and able to find the right insurance for us. Thank you Eastside Insurance Services!

Heather O., customer since 2011

Always great customer service

Don F., customer since 2017

We’ve been with Tom for nearly 20 years. He is always on top of making sure we have the appropriate coverage with appropriate costs.

Eldon K., customer since 2001

Its’ nice to have our local agent handy to talk to when we have questions or need help, thank you.

Customer since 1991

Always there to take a call. Also, Kathleen is no longer my wife, please remove her from my contact:-)

Joshua G., customer since 1985

When I needed help you went the extra mile until my insurance needs were met Thanks Martin

Customer since 2017

You saved us money when we signed up. Since then, you have been straight forward and honest with us!

Joseph C., customer since 2015

I have contacted Tom Brady a few times when I had questions and needed help. He responted immediately each time.

Tadamasa I., customer since 2016

Tom Brody has been very helpful and responsive to all of my insurance needs. He’s always looking out for my best interest. I haven’t needed to worry about my home & auto insurance since 2003.

Pamela M., customer since 2003

Every time I need something, Matt is super responsive and helpful. I don’t even think about insurance because I feel like I have “my guy taking care of it”. It’s very nice!

Customer since 2015

When I have an insurance question, Eastside Insurance answers it or finds the answer from within it’s network of influence.

Larry G., customer since 1988

Always willing to help answer question. With a great attitude. With that you are always looking for a better price.

Jayson H., customer since 2011

Tom, you’re very available, even proactive as to helping me secure insurance and then maintain the proper levels of it, etc. I would gladly refer people to you, whenever someone brings up insurance. 🙂

Customer since 2014

Trust. We’ve always been certain that you have our best interests at heart. You answer all of our questions and explain our options. Thank you for your years of service to us.

Customer since 1981

Pleased with the coverage, and with the automatic billing.

Customer since 2010

Just good responsive service when I’ve needed it or had questions. 🙂

Craig D., customer since 1963

You always get back to us right away. You are always cheerful. I feel you are like a neighbor. You always have helpful advice when we need it. You seem to try to do the best you can for us.

Customer since 2006

Response to calls on time. Give coverage advise.

Customer since 1985

Chuck has been extremely helpful and friendly over the years , and I appreciate him very much – thank you!

Customer since 1997

Quick to respond and looking out to make sure we are getting the best rates.

Customer since 2008

Eastside Insurance is a classic small business inspired by their owner to simply professionally serve and personally care. Specifically, every time i call someone answers by the third ring by a person. Then when asked a question they research your file in the moment and provide an answer. Occasionally I will get a phone call from the owner about policy changes and a reminder of scheduled payments. here is a company using common sense approach to business seemingly with a genuine ‘customer first’ attitude.

Charles C., customer since 1990

We’ve been with Chuck and his son ever since we’ve been homeowners. They’re always prompt in returning phone calls and emails; best customer service I’ve ever had.

Customer since 2002

Since I met Chuck yeas back, he has always taken the time to help me get the most cost effective coverages. Chuck is very responsive either via phone, email, or in person. He is also very talented ans patient when it come to explaining rationale and pros and cons, so I’m always satisfied and cognizant about my selections. I’m very pleased to count him as a friend and I know I can rely on him all the time when it comes to Insurance queries as well as life advise.

Customer since 2006

Tom is a great guy to work with. Trusting and helpful.

Customer since 2016

You answered our inquiries promptly and helped reduce unwarranted high insurance premium increases

Tony L., customer since 2003

Very timely response to questions and requests. Helpful with information.

Customer since 2016

Chuck made it quick and easy to get insurance. Called him out of the blue and had decent car insurance in less than 20 minutes.

Customer since 2018

So far so good. We switched insurance companies about a year ago as prices escalated and service dropped to an unacceptable level.

David L., customer since 2017

Always helpful, with great answers and options. Super friendly, a pleasure to work with

John E., customer since 1988

Tom at Eastside has given me helpful advice and is either readily available if I need to call, or always returns my calls immediately. I appreciate his looking out for me!

Nancy W., customer since 2004

We have been with Eastside Insurance for over 15 years and have always been very happy with the service!

Customer since 2001

You provided prompt guidance on insurance options and have always been responsive to client communications.

Customer since 2014

Eastside Insurance has been my family’s insurance for as long as I can remember. My parents had Eastside insurance, I have have had Eastside insurance and know my kids have Eastside insurance. Not many companies today can say we have helped three generations with so many options out there for insurance. Thank You Mr. Rubin

Customer since 1986

Eastside Insurance has always been responsive to questions I have had and has helped me with all my insurance needs, home, car, boat and extra coverage.

Bernard G., customer since 1988

Very professional service and prompt response from our agent, Matt Rubin. He was very helpful in finding the best rates for our policies. Great customer service overall.

Customer since 2016

Great customer service

Customer since 2014

You know me as a person, you have been doing service with my family for the last 20 years, you are not a big company that doesn’t Care about their people, and this I appreciate.

Customer since 2016

Always the customer comes first.

Larry L., customer since 1996

I believe you find the best Ins. for my situation and the best price.

Customer since 2004

You were very helpful and patient with me and putting many quotes together for the different scenarios I had asked for.

Customer since 2015

We have used Tom Brody for several years now. He was recommened to us by my sister . We always have had excellent service, questions answered and explained. We have given Tom’s name to others. He is a pleasure to do business with.

Customer since 2012

Great service and speedy referal

Customer since 2016

Always helpful and knowledgeable. Works hard on the clients behalf.

Customer since 2009

Quickly found a well priced policy. Handled claims thoroughly and better than I’d hoped.

Customer since 2015

Tom howdy, long time no hear! The big thing for me Tom is your speed of response. We haven’t corresponded much over the years and yet it seems that whenever I ping you, I typically get a call back from you within two hours which is really rare these days.

Colin H., customer since 2000

Whenever we need help or have any questions, Chuck Rubin gives us the answers right away.

Customer since 1995

Personal and responsive. Been a faithful customer for many years.

Customer since 1994

Getting me a good price for my auto insurance. Very nice people n accommodating. Thank you for your service.

Ed F., customer since 2001

I enjoyed talking to insurance agents that are real people in my community. And the price Chuck and Matt were able offer was as good or better than membership discounts I was offered by online folks.

Dane G., customer since 2018

Response time and communication is second to none.

Kevin L., customer since 2008

Responds to questions quickly and very helpful.

Customer since 2017

To is easily available and will look to see the best price for Home and auto.

Ilene D., customer since 2003

I appreciate the ability to easy call or email you with questions and know I will get a good response.

Customer since 2009

Even though my calls to Chuck and the team at Eastside are fairly infrequent, I’m always impressed with how quickly and easily Chuck is able to answer any questions and make everything just really easy. The level of customer concern and professionalism is very superior and I’d have no hesitation to recommend Eastside Insurance to anyone who was looking for insurance services. I’ve been a fairly long-term client of Eastside and have been very satisfied with the service they provide.

Customer since 1993

You saved us money, if we have questions we get answers immediatly..

Customer since 2010

We’re very satisfied with your service

Customer since 2004

You guys are always there and quick to respond when I have a need. Usually you’re able to find something even better than I expected. Thank you!

Jason F., customer since 2012

I think you’re doing great for me Tom. Your responses are always prompt and business is handled quickly and smoothly. Much appreciated.

Jerry B., customer since 1981

I have felt pretty taken care of by PEMCO so far..

Customer since 1995

Chuck is proactive for US, makes suggestions on additional options, and respects our decisions to do what we want.

William I., customer since 1999

How quick you are to respond to questions and giving us the best options.

Customer since 1976

always there to help

Customer since 2006

Good customer service and fair pricing

Customer since 2016

you are always polite, Ive been a very long time client, My one time burglary claim was handled very speedily and professionally and acceptable. Always easy to contact.

Customer since 2002

Did everything right,

Steve W., customer since 2009

Chuck is easy to work with. I appreciated his fast responses to all my questions. I also appreciated being able to interact via email from getting quotes to completing the purchase. A very small wish would be to have been provided with other carriers to compare, but as it was PEMCO was a good deal less expensive than our prior carrier, State Farm. I also appreciated Chuck’s concern over the amount of coverage limits. He seems very trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Charles V., customer since 2017

They always helpful

Delgermagnai E., customer since 2012

Customer service, Tom Brody has been excellent from the very beginning I signed with Pemco. The same excellence has displayed to today.

Barbara M., customer since 2004

We are both very fond of Tom Brody as a person and feel a very personal connection with him that seems to be rarer and rarer to find within the business community. He is honorable about the things that he says and does what he says he will do. As far as the business end goes, his rates are fair and he really seems to work at finding us the best deals and coverage. Thanks Tom!

Robert D., customer since 2006

Fast claim service

Steve H., customer since 1997

Tom is always very approachable, honest and helpful. He responds to my questions almost immmediatley. I definitely feel like I am in good hands.

Customer since 2014

Very friendly and adjusted the policies to save me money rather than upsell me.

Ricki G., customer since 2017

You are always responsive.

Lilly T., customer since 1999

Quick response and clear information

Customer since 2016

Excellent service and attention to detail.

Larry S., customer since 1992

After years of no problems, Experiences with a couple of inattentive drivers brought us to call on Eastside and Pemco Insurance to deal with the unfortunate events. I was surprised and comforted with the ease and promptness of the resolution. Many thanks!!

Carolyn M., customer since 1998

Integrity, honesty & knowledge.

Marcia D., customer since 2007

Listens to my needs and concerns and then identifies a solution that meets or exceeds my expectations.

William H., customer since 1984

We have worked with Chuck, literally for decades. My Father impressed upon us the importance of insurance. Dad passed it down to me. I passed the importance to my Son. We are like Family. To those reading this, please join our Family. Our homes, cars, etc have been insured through Pemco. True story. When I remarried, I would not allow us to be insured by any one else other than Pemco. Chuck and now his Son, are really personalble. With everything thing now a days being so automated, nice to have a live voice and customer service we have received over the years. Thank you Chuck!

Ain Akilah B., customer since 1988

Chuck has has taken excellent care of us for almost 40 years. His staff has been very friendly and helpful during that time. Service is very important to me and Chuck has gone above and beyond to satisfy our needs.

Ronnie H., customer since 1986

Quick service

Customer since 2016

Yes I have referred my neighbor and they are. now insured through you

Customer since 1998

You’ve always been great at answering any questions we’ve had and are quick with returning calls. The folks are always friendly. We’ve never had a claim but imagine you’d be on top of that also.

Jennifer H., customer since 2004

Hello! I am very happy with the service you have provided me for the last 8 years just by setting up my new insurance with safeco.

Customer since 2015

a human voice to answer the phone and answers right away to any questions.

Customer since 1968

Tom is always available when we need him and is very helpful We like his referrals for the house maintenance. We wonder sometimes if some insurance comp you don’t work with might be more interesting for us. Also, we wonder how much does your services actually cost us. We’d love to hear your answers. Thanks.

Customer since 2014

Tom, there are several things that I would like to point out as kudos 🙂 1. You are one of the most responsive people in my life (from a professional services perspective) and I can always count on you to follow up on questions and actions swiftly. Wicked proficient! 2. I really appreciate the advice that you provide. Insurance is not a topic where most lay people have proficiency and it is really great to have actual professional guidance. 3. I always feel that you have my best interest in mind and feel that you are ‘looking out for me’ – this is priceless. Thank you for all your help!

Customer since 2006


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