Protect Those Who Who Rely On You Most -

The death of a loved one is painful enough - and adding to that pain is when those left behind are forced to live a lesser lifestyle, simply because the proper life insurance was not in place. At Eastside Insurance Services, we can help protect those who count on you the most.

Are You Married? Have A House? Have Children or Others Who Depend On You? You Need Life Insurance. We Can Help.

Don't Put Your Family At Risk For Something So Easy & Affordable -

You've seen the GoFundMe posts on Facebook. They're sad, and maybe even embarrassing sometimes. A young family grieving at the loss of a parent or loved one - when it could have been avoided so easily. We can help protect your family so they don't have to suffer even more in the event of your untimely death.


"A friend had recommended this place, in particular Matt, saying she “saved a bunch of money” and it “wasn’t a geiko commercial” - I finally got around to emailing him and got savings so quickly and so easily! Every question answered quickly, you can tell they are very knowledgeable about what they do. Very grateful to have found out about them, only wish I’d gotten around to emailing them sooner!"


Angele Zamarron


"Easiest insurance buying experience ever. Received better coverage at a fair price and feel we were very well taken care of by Matt. Highly recommend Eastside Insurance Services!"

Evan and Kristen Bovard

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